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Welcome Class of 2026

Here's all the information you need to get yourself ready for Grade 8 at Duchess Park

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Scavenger Hunt

Here's the information on running an online Scavenger Hunt to find out more about Duchess Park.


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Welcome Presentation

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Course Description Guide

The Course Description Guide contains all the information you need on what each course is about, who is here to help you with any problems you might have, and great tips on how to be successful in Grade 8

Art Classes

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Band Opt-In

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Band is the only Grade 8 course you get to choose to take.  The Music department at Duchess Park is very strong and starting Band in Grade 8 is a great way to learn to play a new instrument, make some great friends and have wonderful experiences like representing Duchess Park while travelling the world on band trips

Friendly Faces


There are many excellent support staff at Duchess Park that are here to provide you with the help you may need to be successful.  These are some of the friendly faces you might see walking the halls or visiting your classrooms, feel free to say "Hi"


Glen Laliberte - Indigenous Education Worker


Nicolle Therrien - Community School Coordinator


Blossom Mckinnon - Youth Care Worker


Leah Sorrell - Youth Care Worker


Nicole Lodge - Indigenous Social Worker

Marnie Chouinard - Indigenous Social Worker

Marnie Chouinard - Indigenous Social Worker



If you have any questions about next year, or Duchess Park, your first point of contact is usually your counsellor.

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